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Monterey Extends Vaccination Eligibility

Monterey County extends the vaccination eligibility, which allows more people to get vaccinated. According to updates, as of February 11th, 2021, over 300 residents have died of complications relating to the coronavirus   And this has caused the county to try to extend the vaccination eligibility, which will allow more people to get vaccinated.    […]

COVID-19 Testing Sites Opening Soon in Indian Wells, California

COVID testing in Indian Wells California is opening soon, expanding testing options to another large part of Riverside County, California.  The city in Riverside County, Indian Wells, is home to over 5000 residents. Indian Wells is located in the heart of Southern California Coachella valley and is blessed with fantastic scenery thanks to its lush […]

New Vaccination Sites Opening in California

Biden’s administration has recently shown seriousness around COVID vaccination in California. His administration announced that they’d be opening the first mass vaccination centers in California, which will be up and running by February 16th, 2021.    This is to hasten up vaccination in the state and areas critically affected by the pandemic.    Governor Newsom […]

COVID Testing For Corporations

One of the major reopening caveats for corporations is workplace COVID testing. This procedure has brought lots of questions for employers, and at the top of those questions are the cost and strategies that should be implemented to get everyone tested quickly and safely.     These corporations range from Healthcare (nursing homes, assisted living communities, […]

More Contagious COVID-19 Strain Found in Los Angeles County as Cases Cross 1 Million

According to Health Officials, Los Angeles County has become the first county to get to 1 million COVID cases in the United States. On Saturday, the county reported over 14,669 new cases, which have taken the total count to about 1,003,923. They reported about 253 recent deaths taking it to 13,741 total deaths since March […]

California Mass Vaccination Sites Opening

In a bid to hasten vaccination in California, reduce the spread of COVID-19, and get back to normalcy, mass vaccination centers are being opened in the various counties in California. According to studies, California has vaccinated about 2% of the population since the mass vaccination program started.  Things are currently quite slow in the state. […]

Big Bear Cases Grow New COVID-19 Variant Cases in California

New COVID-19 Variant Has Arrived Last week, California reported its first case of the new COVID-19 variant, initially found in the UK. And according to reports, two individuals from the same household in Big Bear were said to have been in contact with a traveler from the UK.    The traveler was said to have […]

California Extends Lockdown Until ICU Capacity Exceeds 15%

California’s government has indefinitely extends lockdown in Southern California and San Joaquin Valley after the state’s ICU capacity got to 0%. The situation got so bad that most hospitals started using gift shops and cafeterias as rooms and turning away 911 calls. The state’s top health official Dr. Mark Ghaly, in his statement, compared the […]

Contact Tracing: What It Is and How It Helps in the Fight Against COVID-19

Contact tracing is an essential strategy employed by the public health sector in the fight against COVID-19. It’s an old tactic that has helped fight other viruses in the past and is still useful today.  Contact tracing involves finding, monitoring a person who has been in contact with an infected person, and educating them on […]

Is the COVID Vaccine Safe for Everyone?

COVID vaccine safety is an important discussion as California recently received its first batch of COVID-19 vaccines, which seemed like a breath of fresh air to everyone. Since the beginning of the pandemic, nearly 1.6 million Californians have tested positive for the virus, which has killed 21,000 people in just short of 10 months.Governor Newsom especially relieved, […]

Antibody Tests: Everything You Need to Know

According to the CDC, antibody tests check your blood for antibodies to know if you’ve been infected with the COVID-19 in the past. It is known as the serology tests, and unlike other COVID tests, it isn’t used to find out if you have COVID-19.   Your body starts to produce these antibodies two weeks […]

What Are the Most Common COVID Symptoms?

The symptoms of COVID are similar to other viruses and flu. It may be confusing for many because with flu season, telling the difference can be quite difficult. According to WHO, the symptoms of coronavirus can come gradually and can take from 7-14 days before the symptoms start to show.  The most common COVID-19 symptoms […]

Southern California to Be the First to Be Affected by Governor Newsom’s Stay at Home Orders

Following Governor Newsom’s new stay at home orders on Thursday, December 3rd, in response to the coronavirus’s rising California cases, it led to a surge in the Intensive Care Unit. He ordered that if any region’s Intensive Care Unit’s carrying capacity in California goes below 15%, the restrictions will have to be put in place […]

Why Getting COVID Testing Is So Critical

The COVID-19 has brought a lot of changes to how we live. With the deaths and how easily the virus can spread, it has created a new normal for everyone. And in a bid to curb the spread, various COVID-19 safety measures were instituted. And a critical aspect of these safety measures is COVID-19 testing. […]

Rapid Antigen Testing in Torrance, California

The rapid antigen testing in Torrance is a type of COVID-testing in high demand due to it’s results speed.  The southern Californian city nicknamed “T Town” is home to about 150,000 residents. Located about 30 minutes south of downtown Los Angeles and directly north of the prestigious Palos Verdes Peninsula. It boasts of being the […]

COVID Travel Testing: How To Properly Plan

With the holidays just around the corner travel testing guidelines are critical, airlines will be packed with people trying to visit one loved one or the other. And in a bid to curb the spread of the COVID-19 and give travelers rest of mind, some airlines have agreed that whoever plans to travel should get […]

What to Do With the New Purple Tier Regulations?

With the spike in the coronavirus cases in California, Governor Gavin Newsom announced that Ventura, Orange County, among others, will have to go back to the new purple tier regulation system.  California operates in a four-tier color-coded system, called the blueprint for a safe economy. It is ranked by seriousness–purple being the most restrictive to […]

How Does a Rapid Antigen Test for COVID-19 Work?

Many doctors now use the rapid antigen test for COVID-19 because of how fast and inexpensive it is. However, many professionals have complained about its inaccuracy.  Elon Musk on Twitter shared his story about getting tested with the Rapid Antigen Test recently. He said, “Something extremely bogus is going on. Was tested for covid four […]

PCR COVID Testing in Riverside, California

PCR COVID Testing Riverside & COVID’s Impact PCR COVID testing Riverside brings access to millions.  The city of Riverside resides in Riverside County, which is about 60 miles to the east of Los Angeles in Southern California. Riverside is a large and vibrant area known to locals as the ‘Inland Empire’, appropriately named for its […]

COVID Clinic South Bay Testing

COVID Impacts in South Bay Region The South Bay is a region of the Los Angeles metropolitan area in Southern California, which resides in the southwest corner of Los Angeles County. The South Bay name comes from its place on the map stretching along the southern shore of Santa Monica Bay. The South Bay region […]

PCR COVID Testing in Los Angeles

PCR COVID Testing in Los Angeles PCR COVID Testing in Los Angeles is open to serve a large part of the Southern California community.  Los Angeles is known around the world as a cultural hub for entertainment and fashion. It is the city with the largest population in the state of California, and is one […]

Rapid COVID Testing in Eastvale, California

Rapid COVID Testing in Eastvale, California Rapid COVID Testing in Eastvale has allowed for a variety of COVID tests to the community and surrounding areas.  In the Northwest region of Riverside County, Eastvale resides amongst the inland mountains. Eastvale is a part of what is known in Southern California as the “Inland Empire” which is […]

Rapid COVID Testing Site in Los Angeles

Rapid Testing for COVID in Los Angeles Los Angeles is one of the most well known cities in the world, and the largest city by population in the state of California. Los Angeles is known for being the home to the film and television industry, as well as being the center of American popular culture […]

COVID Testing in Torrance Now Open

COVID Testing in Torrance, Ready to Serve the Community COVID Testing in Torrance, is now able to serve huge parts of LA county.  In the South Bay region of Los Angeles County resides the city of Torrance. Incorporated in 1921, Torrance has become a rapidly growing city in Southern California with a population of around […]

Rapid COVID Testing Site in Riverside County

Testing for COVID in Riverside County Riverside County is located to the east of Los Angeles in Southern California. Riverside County houses what is known as the Inland Empire, which includes cities such as Riverside, Norco, Eastvale, Corona, etc. According to the Census Bureau, Riverside County has a projected population of 2.47 million in 2019. […]

Rapid COVID Testing Sites in Southern California

Testing for COVID in Southern California   Southern California is one of the most densely populated areas in the United States, which also means that it has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 virus. Mass testing capabilities have been at the forefront of importance for the entire United States in its battle […]

COVID Testing Sites in Riverside

COVID Testing Sites in Riverside, California Riverside is a city in, and the county seat of, Riverside County, located in the Inland Empire of California. It is the most populous city in Riverside County, and is located about 55 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. Riverside, with it’s population of over 300,000 (according to the […]

What kind of rapid COVID testing is available?

Why is rapid COVID-19 testing important? The United States has been trying to scale its testing capabilities since the COVID-19 virus took control of the population in March, with rapid COVID testing being a massive way to test large population segments. With more tests, there are more capabilities to detect the virus and quarantine those […]

Norco COVID Testing Site Now Open

Norco COVID Testing Site Now Open To Community Norco COVID testing site is open and one of the largest available COVID testing sites in the state with the ability to serve large areas of So Cal.  Norco, California is a city of Riverside County California. As of the 2010 census, Norco is home to over 27,000 […]

What is PCR COVID Testing?

What are the types of COVID Testing Available? Testing has been a vital tool in the battle against COVID-19. Receiving a COVID test is the only way to definitively know whether or not you have contracted COVID-19. As of right now, there are two main types of tests that are readily available at testing sites […]

Inland Empire COVID Testing Sites

Where can you find COVID Testing Sites in the Inland Empire?       According to the 2000 U.S. Census, the Inland Empire is the fastest growing location in the state of California. The Metropolitan population of the Inland Empire (which includes the cities of Riverside, San Bernardino, Ontario) itself is more than 4.2 million […]

COVID-19 Testing Could Save a Life

COVID-19 has many guises as a disease. Some people get so sick that they go to the hospital. However, other people may carry the disease without having any symptoms or not feeling sick for up to two weeks after contracting it. With so many variations, COVID-19 testing is the only way to know if you […]

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