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Are you experiencing symptoms like fever, dry cough, and tiredness? Trying to take a trip and need travel tests? We offer FDA approved COVID testing to all the counties in Southern California.

Our team consists of well-trained medical professionals who have served millions of residents from our testing sites in the state of California. 

Types of COVID-19 testing

Antigen Test (Rapid Tests)

This type of COVID-19 testing offers faster results and is inexpensive, hence the name rapid tests. It’s useful for testing large amounts of people, especially at social gatherings or airports. The testing process is quite similar to PCR testing, whereby a medical professional swabs the back of your nose or throat. And you can get your results in less than an hour.

Antigen tests give false negatives and positives; that’s why you might need a PCR test to confirm it. But the antigen tests stand out for its speed.

Molecular Test (PCR or RNA Tests)

This is a diagnostic test that is the most accurate at finding infections. It is the test you take when you’ve seen COVID-19 symptoms. Or when you try to prove to your employer or the school authorities that you’re free to be in gatherings with people.

Here, the healthcare professional uses a specialized swab to collect mucus from the back of your nose. Although, some people Doctors allow the use of Saliva. At times, the sample is analyzed on-site or at a lab somewhere, but it can take from hours to days before you get your results, though.

Antibody Test

The sole purpose of an antibody test is to check if you’ve gotten infected at some point. It can tell up to months back. You can’t take antibody tests at home; it has to see a healthcare professional. And they take about a couple of days to process.

How it works is, the Doctor takes your blood using a fingerprick or blood draw from a vein in your hand, which is then taken to a lab to process. 

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  • 97% accurate
  • 150 professional staff
  • 50 Sqft testing capacity
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Where are our testing sites located?

Our original COVID-19 testing site is located at the Our site is located at Silverlakes Sporting Center at 5555 Hamner Ave, Norco CA 92860. We serve all of Riverside, Los Angeles, Eastvale, and South bay regions.

We use a large open tent system that provides ample air circulation and room for social distancing. We have recently started administering rapid antigen tests and expedited PCR tests to provide our patients with even faster results. Our patient’s health and safety are at a top priority.

So, if you need quick and painless covid tests,

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Due to increased demand this week, rapid results make take up to 120 minutes. to deliver. Some locations may require patients to wait in line prior to testing - even with an appointment. Thank you for your patience.